Happy Xmas from IT

As the title says… Merry Christmas to everyone on IT. Even through we’ve neglected it I find it amusing that the Happy Birthday Tegoshi and Yamapi posts get the most hits even to this day.

Haruhi Xmas

Something I quickly made this morning to celebrate. Not sure what’s going to happen to A.I but I’ll tell Mary to do something. TO MY LIVEJOURNAL I GO – WHERE THE GLITTER AND SPARKLES WILL MAKE JOHNNY’S JEALOUS.


I cant think of a title for this

The sparkles have dimmed down to neon glow lights.

Yamapi’s Mola


Jin’s Love Juice

I dont know which is the dirtier one but Jin still has me stuck on his song.

A sad realisation

They changed the dashboard.


First Day of Holidays = FAIL


Where everything else is just fail click here.

Exams exams exams..

I just wanted to note that tmmrw and wed we still have major exams.

One day. Two more to go.

Well tmmrw is the 11/11 meaning Tego!slut’s birthday. I really dont have any recent pictures or anything casue NEWS is all Theresa now. She may hate Ryo but still knows when his birthday is D:

I’m getting spammed by facebook, Livejournal and viagara. Does anyone else want to add thier name to the list of spammers?

Only because I love K-dramas so much

I surfed youtube today:




I love Korean dramas and you know it, I hate Korean dramas also and these videos explain why. If you are a watcher of Korean things then you’ll find them extra funny but it’s pretty darn hilarious with/ withour the prerequisite knowledge.

I love parodies and I love dramas, perrfeect. BTW if you want to see more drama mockage see “50 things you find in dramas” – something like that, I’ll post a link next time.

F.T. Island…

… wh-wha-what happened to you guys?

I thought the last concept was change enough but emotear, what happened to the cute rockers we knew? WTF, why am I one of the very few girls who don’t find this hot (HELLO, MinHwan in Colourful Sensibility was HOT)?

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It’s just in!

LOL, I just can't be bothered updating daily, I'll just write random things

---> JE May releases: NEWS, K-T, HSJ, V6
---> Ryo being violent scares me and 99% of people on Earth
---> I lost the game
---> NEW KAT-TUN ALBUM COMING! But... Queen of Pirates FTW!
---> Kusano and Uchi's Return